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interpreters.ch is remote-ready. We do not offer one stock solution, because every event is different. We work with tried-and-tested specialist AV companies to offer a bespoke package tailored to each customer’s needs. Ultimately any solution you choose – whether on-site or virtual – is only as good as the interpreters, because the technology is merely the carrier of the translated message.

There are countless online platforms offering rock bottom prices to defeat the competition. Their model is based on working with untrained interpreters from low-wage countries who remain anonymous to the end user. Work with interpreters.ch on your remote interpreting project and you can always rely on the same qualified conference interpreting teams that we offer for on-site assignments, professionals with a genuine track record. And as usual, you can depend on the personal advice and support of the interpreters.ch team to plan and manage the event.

interpreters.ch is a boutique, not a factory. With us, the same people will stay with you to establish your needs and accompany you every step of the way through your project, from initial enquiry to debriefing. Inés Martín and Christoph Renfer, have worked as interpreters for many years, gaining in-depth knowledge of the conference and interpreting market in Switzerland and abroad and so they can offer a creative solution to any problem.

interpreters.ch guarantees complete and unlimited confidentiality of the information you provide to us and to the interpreters we work with. Not only is this guaranteed in law, but also by our unswerving commitment to the Code of Ethics of the International Association of Conference Interpreters (AIIC). If required, we and our interpreters are also happy to sign an additional confidentiality agreement.

Through its membership of Calliope-Interpreters, interpreters.ch can tap into an international network. Calliope-Interpreters is the only worldwide network of independent consultant interpreters. Thanks to our partners, we can put together qualified conference interpreting teams in any country that meet your exacting requirements. Every country. Every continent. Everywhere.





In recent years, interpreters.ch has established itself as the leading agency for the provision of professional conference interpreters in Switzerland and abroad.

interpreters.ch does not adorn its website with clients' logos, because we see discretion and confidentiality as the backbone of our business. We can of course supply personal, authorized client recommendations on request.


Christoph Renfer

Born and raised in Riehen (Switzerland), studied in Zurich, Paris and Washington D.C.

Certified translator and certified conference interpreter (Zurich School of Interpreting, now IUED Institute for Translation and Interpreting, ZHAW Zurich University of Applied Sciences), practising interpreter (DE/EN/FR), member and consultant interpreter AIIC, member Calliope-Interpreters.

Co-founder and co-managing director of interpreters.ch.



interpreters.ch is a one-stop-shop for your language needs. According to your requirements, we can provide a tailored interpreting package that includes simultaneous interpreting equipment, sound systems, advice on venues and written translations.

interpreters.ch thanks to our membership of the international network of interpretation service providers Calliope-Interpreters, we have direct access to professional interpreters in the world’s five continents. We are also members of the International Association of Conference Interpreters (AIIC).



Tour guide system

If participants and interpreters are on the move, for example during a guided tour or a visit, simultaneous interpreting via a tour guide system can provide a solution. The system, also called an «Infoport», «bidule» or «whispering system», consists of a radio microphone and wireless receivers that are light and easy to transport. The system can also be used when the number of participants is too high for whispered interpreting.

Remote interpreting

Remote simultaneous interpreting (RSI) is the solution if people can’t travel to a face-to-face meeting. RSI is also an ideal solution for fully virtual online meetings or webinars being held in one or more languages. All the participants are connected to the videoconferencing platform from their individual locations. The interpreters can connect to a virtual event from hubs or their office or from home. RSI is technically more complicated than traditional on-site interpreting and therefore requires comprehensive and expert consultancy and support.



That is why we offer our clients full transparency by providing a detailed breakdown of the total costs of each project. This provides our clients with a transparent quote, as befits the provision of professional services.

The bottom line is that everyone benefits: interpreters.ch gains access to the best professionals on the market. Our interpreters are fairly remunerated and enjoy decent working conditions. And our clients can always rely on high-quality language services.



Inés Martín Vedder
Christoph Renfer

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